Someday is TODAY!

 “If you have an idea,

run with it and get started!”

Get your ideas out of your coffee cup and on the market

As a successful inventor, investor, and entrepreneur, I worked with many investors and helped them turn the idea they mulled over a coffee cup into a product that benefits people worldwide.
In this book, I and a few leading experts walk you through the invention process, taking aspiring investors from a drawing scribbled on a napkin to a patented product sold on shelves.
It’s one thing to have the knowledge, use it to consult and work with the pioneers in the industry, but quite another to dive into the process of developing a successful invention.

My book will show you how to go from an initial idea while sipping coffee to a fully developed product on shelves

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Someday is TODAY!

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“If you have an idea, run with it and get started!”

Ron with his book, Someday is TODAY!
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Someday is TODAY!

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"Someday is TODAY!"

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Allen Ehrlich

–Senior Consultant Medical Devices

"Ron does a terrific job giving practical advice and experience on the journey of developing medical devices from inception to product development,
product launch and commercial marketing, education and distribution into the marketplace. For anyone looking to pull the curtain back on product development and launch of medical devices this is a must read."

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Tim Duett 

– Senior Executive Financial Advisor

"Ron's creativity and problem-
solving abilities are second to none. He has an innate ability to I have been understand the root of a problem/challenge and an even greater ability to provide a timely/effective solution. This skillset was clearly demonstrated in the dynamic growth of ResMed during his tenure."

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Dora Lin 

– Global ExecutiveMedical Devices

“It is very valuable book that guides people how to bring an invention to market and successfully sell it. It inspired me to think deeper, ask myself questions and find answers throughout the reading. I’ve learnt a lot! Ron is master of using beautiful language which makes the reading such an enjoyment.”

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Dr. Brian Carlin 

– Medical Director

"A wonderful review of the strategies involved in the analysis, design, development, and implementation of new medical devices and therapeutics. The author’s experiences are set forth in a comprehensive and concise manner. This is a “must read” for all inventors of such equipment and therapeutics."

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Dr. Morris Chang 

–  Medical Director and Business Analysis

"Ron Richard brings real-world clinical expertise, personal anecdotes, solid business principles, and love for music together to create an invaluable guide to generating success from ideas. He masterfully weaves his narrative--part cautionary tale, part raging success story--with a warmth uncommon in publications of its genre. Concise yet inspiring and compassionate, this book is a useful resource for budding inventors, designers, and dreamers."

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Wayne Yaeger 

– Senior Sales and Mktg Consultant

"I have known Ron Richard for many years and this man never ceases to amaze me with his incredible talent and creativity!  Ron, an expert on bringing an invention to the finish line, has written a step- by-step guide, with the help and knowledge of some key professionals on the process of bringing an idea to fruition and avoiding all the pitfalls that can accompany it. This is an enjoyable ‘must read’ for anyone who has an invention or idea and needs guidance on getting it launched."

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