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Consulting for Today's Medical Industry

A Bit About Me...

I am a seasoned expert specializing in the medical device, medical diagnostic, and life science market segments. With over 35 years of experience in the Medical Industry, I have gained extensive knowledge and experience in respiratory, pulmonary, and sleep medicine.  

BLD Consulting formed in 2011 was only a natural progression in my career which became a center stone of all my collective expertise in the Medical Industry focusing on sales, marketing, digital, web design, and overall supporting medical device manufacturers, hospitals, homecare, physician-based businesses, as well as clinical trials.


My involvement in owning and operating home care companies, sleep laboratories, manufacturers, and distribution businesses became instrumental in developing and designing several products used in the treatment and diagnosis of chronic health care conditions.


I’m known for being a patient advocate. Awarded Home Care Person of the Year in 2004 and Top Tech Executive in San Diego in 2011. I am passionate about my work and this has resulted in launching over 40 major products resulting in sales of over $1B.


I am aware of how difficult it can be to manage your business and patients in your Sleep and Respiratory Solutions, so let me help. Why spend your day trying to solve problems by yourself with random Google search advice when my expertise can get you a solution and save you time and money?

Ron F. Richard


How can I help?

  • Sales force support 

  • Marketing 

  • Business development

  • Graphic design 

  • Video production 

  • FDA reviews and submissions​

  • HCPC applications

  • Creation of digital assets

  • Patent and trademark filings 

  • Product development

  • Project management

  • Business plans to expand current

  • Product pipelines

  • Reimbursement and coding for CPT


Thank You!

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Free 15-Minute Consultation


My Achievements

REKA Medical
(launched new handheld ECG platform)

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