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In 2011, Ron Richard formed BLD Medical which allowed him to take his collective industry experience – sales, product design, upstream and downstream marketing and operations – and apply it to support clients big and small across the healthcare sector. We service medical device manufacturers, hospitals, homecare, physician-based businesses, as well as clinical trials. 

Through BLD Medical, Ron:

  • Spearheads domestic and international sales, marketing, business development efforts, grows networks and increases engagement 

  • Advances, executes and assesses strategic plans to develop and implement repositioning, product launch, branding and distribution

  • Improves and applies policies and procedures refining overall operation and efficiency

  • Formulates new product FDA submissions, coordinates registration processes for security protocols of HIPAA/PCI/ISO/HITRUST

25 years of


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Notable Past Experiences:


San Diego, CA  |  2007 to 2011

Manufacturer of oxygen delivery devices for homes, hospitals, military and industrial applications



Led all operational functions including P&L, forecasting, financial planning, budgets, sales, marketing, engineering, and human resources, business positioning, restructuring efforts, and $60+ sale of the business. Spearheaded marketing and business development efforts and prospected for increased networks and engagement. Advanced, executed and assessed strategic plan. Improved and applied policies and procedures refining overall operation and efficiency through restructuring and process implementation while increasing profit margins by 18% and increasing Year Over Year in shareholder value. Anticipated business progression and potential pitfalls recommended and enforced company initiatives and liaised with clients and internal staff on business development projects. Devised innovative global sales and marketing strategies.



  • Ranked in top 100 Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies in San Diego for 2007 – 2010

  • Acknowledged as San Diego’s top technologies companies in 2011 associated with NASA

  • Doubled returns in less than 3 years by launching 10+ products through global sales markets initiatives


San Diego, CA  |  2000 to 2007

Manufacturer of sleep-disordered breathing devices CPAP, masks and ventilation products



VP of Strategic Marketing

As a Senior VP of Strategic Marketing, I established and executed long-term strategic marketing strategies, as well as, short-term plans that enhanced sales, profits, and accomplished business goals. I built and led efficient teams in all aspects of marketing including product development and launches, branding, clinical trials and pilot studies, pricing, ROI, channel expansion, FDA reviews, and globalization of products. I also led a new product development strategy based on consumer-centric understanding and industry developments and formed a new department for reimbursement and government affairs.



  • Boosted sales from $80M to $320M in five years by launching 4 programs and 11 products

  • Expanded product and program offerings by working with sales to drive profitability by 25% per year

  • Propelled yearly profitability by 25% through collaboration with the sales team on the expansion of product and program offerings

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~Alan Lankford, PhD, FAASM

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ron over the last twenty-five years in a variety of endeavours developing, refining and bringing inventions and medical products to market. In every instance, I have been impressed with his experience and knowledge of what it takes succeed. He is selfless in sharing his own real-world experiences, as well as those from his professional colleagues who have also succeeded in bringing inventions to life to help others. He is a creative thinker and working with him has shown me that the first invention is often a steppingstone to additional concepts and ideas. He has a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to launch products and I identify with him in the industry as a marketing expert. He effectively helps to identify the key differences and benefits of products and how they differentiate from the competition as well as how to communicate those aspects effectively. Ron works in a collaborative manner with inventors and it is always a pleasure working on projects with him. I wish him the best with his new book: “Someday is TODAY”